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What my students said

Comment:        I can't praise Fabienne highly enough. She takes a real interest in why you want to learn the language and is very understanding and patient during each lesson. She appreciates the difficulties of learning new things and gives you confidence to keep on improving and to get to the next level. The way each lesson is thoroughly planned out-beforehand makes matters a lot easier giving you the chance to recap on previous lessons giving you the opportunity to show what you have learnt which in turn helps you to to progress further. I can thoroughly recommend Fabienne to anybody looking to improve their French especially those like me who were starting form scratch.        Amy (Beginner level)

Comment:         Fabienne helped teach me some French before I went on a holiday to France for the weekend to help me to speak the basics with some french friends. She was very helpful and had resources to help me understand the words. I found that it was particularly helpful for me as we did not just follow a book, I could structure some of my sessions and bring any material I wanted

to learn. This would be very helpful anyone who is looking to learn french in a short space of time. I found the tutoring very flexible and there was no problems arranging it around my busy life.       Mark (GCSE level)

Comment:         I am a mature student learning French for the first time with the Open University. I found that while the course is excellent I find it very difficult to develop any skill or gain any confidence in speaking French. I found Fabienne by searching the web for a tutor. She is extremely patient and made me feel relaxed and comfortable from the word go. I really look forward to our sessions, have learnt a lot – I can really recommend Fabienne as a teacher!         John (Conversation lessons)

Comment:       After many grammar and conversation lessons with Fabienne, I have gained confidence in my ability of French language. My academic results have improved and I feel more at ease when tackling French questions. Fabienne always makes you feel at ease and always addresses any concerns you may have. Brilliant tutor!        Rachel (University level) 

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