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Whatever your level, there is a learning plan to suit your needs!


These are my most popular courses and are the best means to develop the 4 skills (understanding, speaking, reading & writing) at the same time.  Different textbooks and materials are used according to your level.  Maybe you are already learning French and need a bit of help with your homework in-between lessons.  Whatever your needs, I can help you pronounce and learn new vocabulary and understand grammatical rules through practical exercises.


For those who wish to brush up on your French grammar skills or increase your grammar knowledge. You will become familiar with sentence analysis and learn all French grammar rules. The main topics covered are: verb conjugations, word agreement, relative pronouns, prepositions and much more. 


If you require extra practice with your homework or exam preparation, this module is for you.

I can help consolidate the 4 essential skills: speaking, reading, listening and writing, in a friendly and supportive environment.


You will improve your spelling and writing skills, whether your objectives are academic, personal or professional. You will also enrich your vocabulary and learn how to organise your ideas by being exposed to different types of writing, for example; essays, reports, presentations, letters, emails.


Are you learning French as a hobby, travelling to France, need French for work, or preparing an exam? This course is for you!  You get to practise your conversation skills with the guidance of an experienced tutor and native speaker, using language functions such as: introductions, describing people, questioning, giving instructions or advice etc.  For the more advanced: a stimulating exchange of opinion on topics about French society and culture, or current affairs.


I will help you build up your confidence by teaching you how to pronounce difficult sounds and

speak clearly with correct word stress and intonation. You will be reading articles, newspapers and magazines.

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